What is Pre Heli-skiing/Catskiing

Tell me more about pre-heliski/catski

It  is an enjoyable and relaxing 1 – 2 day ski/snowboard holiday that prepares guests of all fitness levels and abilities for their upcoming heliski or catski vacation. It is for beginners that have never heliskied/catskied, families and friends that are coming from different cities and countries for a reunion as well as expert skiers that haven’t had the chance to ski much during the season and need to “find their ski legs”.

Kimberly “Kimbi” Farrelly will be your host during your time in the Bow Valley. While you are skiing at Lake Louise or Sunshine Village, Kimbi will show you the insider tips, the tricks the pros have learned as well as important safety skills that will keep you and your fellow skiers skiing without injury or incident.


What will I learn?

Kimbi will cover topics such as in and outs of tree skiing (leap-frogging, learn what a tree well is and what to do if you find yourself in one), how to quickly get up after falling (oh yes, you will fall) and quickly find your skis, helicopter etiquette as well as finding the proper, most efficient stance in deeper powder and deep-powder skiing techniques. Deep powder skiing is actually quite easy—once you find your rhythm, you will feel like you are floating; it’s just a matter of finding that efficiency.

This is also your chance to ask those questions that maybe you didn’t think about.


Why should I sign up?

Heliskiing and catskiing are likely much different than what you’ve experienced before. You will be expected to keep up with the group while following fixed rules and firm guidelines; you will also need to follow a guide, keep up with the group and ski within certain natural boundaries.


Some key reasons why you should sign up:

Shorten the learning curve

When you ski with Kimbi, you will learn the skills, techniques that seasoned powder skiers have learned and perfected. This means that you will not have to struggle to keep up, thus saving your energy for skiing and not worrying about holding the group back.

Stay safe

Heliskiing is exciting—the helicopter, the terrain, the powder; it’s likely your adrenaline will be pumping all day.  You will be educated on what to be aware of while you are in the helicopter and while you are skiing so you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Find your ski legs

If you haven’t done a lot of skiing this winter, shake off the cobwebs and wake up you ski legs. Your heliski or catski vacation includes 1000’s of  metres of vertical – give your legs a head start with a few runs on the hill.

Visit the Bow Valley

If you are meeting up with friends or family that you haven’t seen in a while, this is an excellent opportunity to get together. Explore Banff’s award-winning restaurants, fine dining and small town tourist charm. If you have energy, visit the natural hot springs a short ride from the town centre.


Who is it for?

First time heliskiers and catskiers

Without a doubt, if this is your first time heliskiing this program for you. Not only will pre-heliskiing/catskiing prepare you for your  vacation, it will also reduce any nervousness or overwhelming feelings you may have. This program is especially recommended for those that haven’t had a lot of skiing during the season and/or the last few seasons. Kimbi is a certified ski instructor with over 8 million feet of heliskiing experience; she’ll be able to spot any habits that might slow you down or reduce your efficiency.

Heliskiers and catskiers looking to visit the Bow Valley

For those that have heliskied/catskied in the past, take advantage of some extra holiday time by visiting the Bow Valley and skiing Banff’s local hills. Wake up your legs and see how much “free” vertical you can rack up at Lake Louise or Sunshine Village.

Ski tourers

There is another option that is strictly weather dependent and is for strong, fit and confident skiers. If you are curious about ski touring or you have signed up for a ski touring vacation, then arrangements can be made with Vertical Unlimited Guiding for day ski touring trips.

How do I sign up?